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Marina Kaštela has enriched its offer with a new complex that features a 25 m indoor swimming pool and café, as well as business units and separate sanitary facilities for boat owners.

This is not only the first public indoor pool in Kaštela, but the only indoor swimming pool in a Croatian marina and the second largest in the Split area. We would like to emphasize that its location by the sea and on the first floor with a beautiful view of the marina and the Bay of Kaštela make it truly special!

The swimming pool is open throughout the year and its depth varies between 1.55m and 2.25m, while the water temperature is around 27 °C. There is also a separate pool for small children.

The facility is intended for the guests of Marina Kaštela, the public and sports clubs.



Tel: +385 21 204 025
E-mail: bazen@marina-kastela.hr
Facebook – Bazen Marina Kaštela