In the service zone of Marina Kaštela there are dry docks for all types of vessels. Also, the service zone is available to our customers for regular maintenance, repair and servicing.

At this point there are 200 dry docks and we can accept yachts up to 23 long. The docks are suitable for catamarans.

The service zone features:

  • 60 ton travel lift, and we are in the process of purchasing a 200 ton travel lift
  • 5 ton crane
  • A new 60 ton carello and a 40 ton carello for safe transport of vessels on land
  • Forklift
  • Waste disposal site for used oil, filters, sludge and used batteries
  • Warehouse space for rent
  • Sanitary facilities with showers
  • Parking

Our staff is qualified for any type of servicing work, for example, renewal of anti-fouling paint, servicing operations, maintenance of engines, generators and outboard engines, mechanical, electrical and metal works, servicing of rubber dinghies, polishing of vessels etc. Any work that needs to be done on your vessel will be completed in a timely and highly professional fashion at Marina Kaštela. We will make sure that you enjoy a pleasant and safe sailing season.

Servicing and repairs:
In order to help you schedule regular maintenance of your vessel we have prepared a questionnaire where you can choose a type of service as well as a time period during which you want to use our services. Putting your vessel into a dry dock before the start of the sailing season for applying protective coating and replacing zincs is also a good opportunity to check all those vital parts on your vessel that cannot be inspected or repaired while the vessel is at sea. Preventive inspections and lubrication of valves, axle bearings and rudder are important because if a problem is detected we can advise you how to solve it. Order repair or servicing work. Service request form.

During the winter, when vessels are usually not used, we offer a service called “boat care”. The service means maintenance of vessels on a monthly basis and it is carried out on two levels. The service caters to those vessel owners who are absent for a few months at a time but would like to maintain their vessels in excellent shape. The idea is to do maintenance and servicing work once a month but that can be modified according to the wishes of the customer. Boat care 1; Boat care 2;
You can contact us by e-mail or phone to book the usage of the crane or other services that we offer.
At the dry docks we offer to our guests the option of putting their vessels in closed hangars.
All owners of private vessels can, according to the contract, use the storage area for free!

For all additional information you can contact us directly.


Tel: +385 98 243 769