Voluntourism – tourism of the future


Last week the representatives of Bavadria and Mirno More Marina Kaštela participated in a three day training. The theme of the training was voluntourism and it was organised by the MI Association from Split, ADP Zid from Podgorica and other partner organisations as a part of the project entitled Voluntourism – Adventure, Nature and Participation Destination financed by the European Union.

Representatives from non-government organisations, tourism companies and the private sector gathered at the training so that, together, they could study the specifics of organizing voluntourists and plan how to offer the tourists options to volunteer in the local communities on their travels.

Voluntourism provides the tourists with a possibility to gain a much deeper experience on their trips as this would provide them with an opportunity to not only do good deeds by giving their time, skills and effort for the benefit of others, but to also get to know the local community and the culture they visit and use their time to acquire a richer travel experience. Since Marina Kaštela and Bavadria have been actively participating in improving the welfare of the community from the very beginning through rich social responsibility programs, we are very happy to be able to offer our guests the opportunity in the near future to actively become involved in volunteering in the community. We will keep you informed about the newly implemented programs on our web pages.