Support for the Volunteer Action “72 sata bez kompromisa” (Entitled 72 Hours without Compromise)


Marina Kaštela, Bavadria and the Nautic Restaurant participated as sponsors in a volunteer action entitled “72 sata bez kompromisa” (72 Hours without Compromise). It is an international volunteer project for the youth that promotes solidarity, unity, creativity and volunteering. It has been implemented in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Poland, Romania and Croatia. In Croatia it is organized by the Studentski katolički centar Split (Student Catholic Centre in Split). This year, the project takes place between October 12thand 15thwith around 600 youths in groups of 5-20 volunteers realising around 60 projects in Split and the surrounding area. One of them was a daylong sailing excursion for children from the half-day day-care at the Maestral Home for Children. In addition, together with the company Adriatic sailing, we ensured transport of children with Down syndrome to therapeutic horseback riding. The Nautic Restaurant prepared 50 jumbo pizzas for volunteers so they can get some nourishment after volunteering.