The project “Mirno more” has been awarded another prize!


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At the celebration of Sailors’ day 2014 held on Saint Nicholas Day in Pula minister Siniša Hajdaš Dončić gave awards to deserving individuals and companies for their outstanding feats in relation to rescue at sea, contributions to the maritime and riverine sector of the economy and for promotion of maritime studies and culture in 2014. The social pedagogy project “Mirno more” also received an award. Marina Kaštela hosted the project for the second year running.
“The leader of the project, Luka Berket, said for Nautic radio Kaštela: “This is a huge thing for me and a source of great pride; not only for me really, but for all volunteers who helped and for all the workers and partners who made it all happen. They made it possible for us to host the “Mirno more” (Peace fleet ) project, because, after all, we, that is, the organisation Mirno more Marina Kaštela, forms just a small part of the whole thing, but, we’re here for two years in a row…”
He also announced that Marina Kaštela would also host this social-pedagogy project for youth and children of the world the following year and he also stressed the importance of the project as regards marginalized children who can, through the project, learn the value of tolerance in the context of respecting cultural differences and living together.”

100 sailboats, with more than 900 children from 18 countries participated in this year’s “Mirno more” project.
“I always come out in goose bumps when I talk about this project. This is something we work on throughout the year, this is a serious thing and many problems have to be solved to make it happen, but when it does happen, it is clear to everybody that all the hard work has not been in vain because there is nothing more satisfying in the world than seeing children happy and laughing!” – added Luka Berket.

The aim of the project is to give the opportunity to those children who are chronically ill, marginalized, socially threatened and physically or mentally impaired to hang out and sail together. The idea behind the activity is to help them to discard any prejudices they may harbour towards certain social, religious and ethnic groups. The motto of this unique project is “DISCARD THE PREJUDICES!”
“Mirno more” started back in 1992, during the war in the Former Yugoslavia. We had a modest fleet then and we made it available to refugee children of different nationalities from the war affected areas. Again, the idea was to teach them how to overcome prejudices. More than 6000 socially threatened and poor children have been part of “Flota mira” (Peace Fleet). During the last few years a number of international partner organizations have been founded. Those organizations provide professional help and assistance to children and young people.