Mirno more 2015



Marina Kaštela has for the third consecutive year hosted the “Flota mira” (Peace Fleet) as part of the biggest international socio-pedagogical project in Europe – Mirno more.
The project, which was founded twenty-one years ago, took place from 19 to 25 September. It enables chronically ill, marginalized and disadvantaged children – as well as children with physical and cognitive difficulties – to cast off their prejudices towards different social, religious and ethnical groups by sailing the Adriatic Sea together and spending a week of peace.
Bav-Adria Yachting again took part in the project this year with thirteen boats from its fleet. They enabled the partaking in this project of around 30 children and 15 caregivers, among which were diabetics, children from the Children’s Home Miljenko & Dobrila, persons with intelectual disability – clients of the Rehabilitation Centre Mir (Rudine, Kaštel Novi) and – for the first time – persons with intelectual disability – clients of the Institution for the Treatment of Mentally Handicapped Persons Bakovići from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The programme started on 19 September with the gathering of crews that embarked from the Marina Kaštela on a sailing trip across the Adriatic Sea. After the return of the fleet to the Marina, the children took part in different pedagogical programmes, workshops and round tables, as well as entertainment programmes, until 25 September.
The organizers requested that this year’s Mirno more project be dedicated to Tomo Buzov, in whose honour a memorial tablet was thus erected in front of the “E” pontoon of the Marina.
Part of the Bav-Adria crew, in cooperation with the Living Ocean organization, carried out a cleaning operation of a beach on the island of Čiovo in order to send a message to the general public about the importance of ecology and the preservation of the sea.