Marina Kaštela to host the 2019 Small Ship Building and Tourist Attraction Fair


For the first time ever, Marina Kaštela is hosting the 11th edition of the Croatian Small Ship Building and Tourist Attraction Fair taking place between April 4th and 7tt. This will be the first major fair in our new state-of-the-art Sailing Centre.

This year the fair has been elevated to a higher level due to the growing interest of domestic and foreign exhibitors as well as the expected increase in the number of visitors. The organisers of this event emphasize that the reasons for cooperation are not only the improved capacity and infrastructure of the marina, but also the vision and dedication of Capt. Joško Berket’s and his staff at Marina Kaštela. Both Marina Kaštela, and its sister company BavAdria, have not only been involved as founders and sponsors of a number of local sports teams, but have also been widely praised for building an indoor pool that mostly serves the local population.

The fair is intended to promote old crafts practiced in small ship building yards and hence put the ship building sector into the foreground. The fair will also promote vessels and equipment adjusted to the modern needs as well as a broader assortment of tourist attractions.

In addition to Marina Kaštela, this unique event is an excellent promotion for Kaštela as a modern tourist destination with the opening of numerous content possibilities.

Marina Kaštela wants to welcome all those who love the sea to the 11th edition of Small Ship Building and Tourist Attraction Fair. Admission is free for all visitors!