Marina Kaštela set new record for “MRDUJA” regatta



Marina Kaštela broke the Mrduja Regatta’s record.

The 82nd Mrduja Regatta was held on 5 October.
About two hundred sailboats of all classes with 1500 crew members participated. The weather was ideal, with a southerly wind reaching a speed of about 15 knots. The Mayor of Split gave the start signal at 11 AM.
The Marina Kaštela crew was skippered by captain Joško Berket. The crew consisted of Armano Zekan, Perić Željko, Aljinović Luiđi, Zekan Mario, Matijević Kristijan, Pilava Edvin, Kolombatović Lelo, Kolombatović Rino, Berket Damjan, Jurić Armando, Ljubenko Mislav, Ivanišević Đenko, Bedalov Joško, Iljadica Branko.
We had a pretty good start and after only a few minutes we were in the lead. We sailed well and we managed to retain the leading position. When we turned around at Mrduja we had 7-8 minutes on the competition. We lifted the spinnaker and sailed towards Split. Our speed was 11-12 knots. Half way across the channel we lowered the spinnaker because the wind got stronger and we had to change the angle. We lifted the jib and sailed towards the finish line.
We broke the regatta’s record. Our time was 2 hours and 9 minutes and broke the record set by Shining from Umag in 2008.
We were overjoyed and the photographs clearly show our emotions. Winning this race is no mean feat. I can safely say that all the previous winners of the race regard the achievement as one of their dearest. Everybody knows that the best boat doesn’t always win because this regatta features many hidden traps. This year the weather favoured our boat’s capabilities and we were able to recognize that and use it to our advantage.
“I would like to congratulate Tone Bulaja, Neno Brada, Đoni Diklić and Šime Stipaničev on claiming third place overall and first place in the class. The crew sailed on the Ola sailboat. The sailboat belongs to Marina Kaštela.
We would like to thank Labud for organising this wonderful event. Their work was outstanding and through their dedication they managed to overcome all obstacles these hard economic times had set in the path of organizing this event.”

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Vis Regatta is next on the schedule. It is going to take place between 18 and 20 October. As always, a large number of crews are going to participate.