Marina Kaštela Held a Ceremony for the Opening of the New Content – Let’s Go for the Five Anchors!


A commemorative ceremony took place at Marina Kaštela for the opening of additional content preceded by the “Open Door Day” at Marina Kaštela when the local residents were given an opportunity to use the swimming pool free of charge along with sailing and rowing presentations and a concert by group TBF. Marina Kaštela opened an international sailing sports centre and an indoor swimming pool for public use throughout the entire year. This is a 25 m recreational swimming pool in a heated indoor area, the only of its kind in Dalmatia and also the first public swimming pool in Kaštela. The Kaštela Swimming Club is already active in the swimming pool. Previously, the club members had to travel to Split.

This investment valued at 53 million HRK incudes the 25 m indoor swimming pool with ancillary content, a restaurant, a wellness and a spa, a Sailing Club with a finished shoreline and hospitality content, as well as a paved shoreline promenade with additional infrastructure.

A press conference took place during the ceremonial opening at the “Spinnaker” restaurant where, along with Captain Josip Berket, there were also the Prefect of the Split-Dalmatia County, Blaženko Boban, as the representative of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, the Mayor of the City of Kaštel, Denis Ivanović, the Director of “Mirno more – Flota mira” (Calm Sea – Peace Fleet.), Michael Fuchs, and the representative of the Delegation of the Republic of Austria in the Republic of Croatia, Martina Klenner-Auvillain.

“The International Sailing Centre is going to be in the function of our sailing club. We also have a rowing and a volleyball club. It will serve for the organisation of various regattas. To a certain degree, we have combined the public benefit of regatta organisation with the value of the marina. It is similar to Barcelona. We intend to become a unique centre for sailing federations. We have already gained the attention of the Finish and Russian sailing federations. Our next step is building and sports hotel and a hostel.“ – emphasized Josip Berket, the owner of Marina Kaštela from Kaštel Gomilica.

Marina Kaštela has 450 berths and it has no problems renting the berths. It has a service base and it can, and does, accommodate mega yachts. We have a sufficient electricity supply for their needs and a draught of suitable depth.

Alongside this event, for the fourth time, Marina Kaštela is hosting children and volunteers as a part of the largest humanitarian sailing project for children “Mirno more – Flota mira” (Calm Sea – Peace Fleet.) This year, once again, Marina Kaštela is hosting the Peace Fleet that includes around a hundred boats where the crews participate in a variety of programs taking place both on the sea and on the shore. The unique spirit of the Peace Fleet is reflected in children growing up under difficult social circumstances and persons with psychological and physical disabilities as they sail together, have fun and dance. While doing so, they are learning an important life lesson: we can and we must leave together in peace.

A part of the Calm Sea fleet is a 4-boat crew organised by the Calm Sea Marina Kaštela Association that included children with diabetes, children without adequate parental care from the “Maestral” Home for Children and persons with mental disabilities from the “Mir” Centre for Rehabilitation from Rudine, as well as rehabilitation centres from Fojnica in Bosnia and Herzegovina.