Iuventa Rescue Ship is Spending the Winter with Us


Recently the Iuventa ship docked in Marina Kaštela with a crew of volunteers from the Jugend Rettet Association. Volunteers from all around the world sailed the Mediterranean Sea to assist persons in peril on the sea. Since the end of July 2016 when their mission started, they have rescued over 6000 persons who found themselves in life-threatening situations on the sea as they were seeking a better life in Europe. The crew provided them with the basic assistance on the ship, including food, water and medical interventions, and transported them to safe locations.

During the cold winter months, their ship will be anchored in Marina Kaštela. We decided to support their humanitarian cause by offering them a free berth and ship care during the winter when the volunteers from the crew go home to rest. During this time, the ship will be refurbished and prepared for new rescue missions set to start again as soon as March of 2017.

We would like to thank these great people who have selflessly assisted people in need. Together with them, we hope for the future when such assistance will no longer be needed.