25 years of the Peace Fleet – Mirno more


For the seventh consecutive year, Marina Kaštela will host the 25th edition of the Mirno more project!

Peace Fleet Mirno more, the largest humanitarian sailing project for children,  has set out on a trip along the Croatian coast for the 25th time. Marina Kaštela welcomed over 1150 participants aboard 115 boats, who enjoyed the rich programme that was organised on both sea and land. Evoking the unique spirit of the Fleet, this sailing project of solidarity and mutual understanding brought together socially disadvantaged, physically and mentally impaired young people from 31 countries who, through play, were given an important life lesson: “We can and must live together in peace!”

Over 11000 young people have so far embarked on the adventure of the Peace Fleet, thus raising their voice against intolerance and for peace.

After visiting Marina Kaštela, Martina Klenner-Auvillain, delegate of the Republic of Austria in the Republic of Croatia, said: “One may argue that the contribution of the Peace Fleet-Mirno more is small, but, given that it provides young people with first-hand experience on learning how to jettison prejudice and keep an open mind towards others and being different, I find their contribution to peace to be essential. Or, in the words of the Peace Fleet: We are all together in the same boat!”

This is all good enough reason for the captain Joško Berket to host the Peace Fleet – Mirno more for the seventh time in a row. “Mirno more has become the way of thinking in my family’s private and professional life. Being a part of this invaluable social and humanitarian project fills me with immense gratitude and pride. I would like to express my sincere thanks to the organisers, supporters and volunteers. We will do our best to be good hosts. I wish everyone a pleasant stay in Marina Kaštela.”

This year, the organisers were presented with a special gift – olive oil from a tree that was planted together with the children participating in the Peace Fleet in 2013 as a symbol of peace.