2015 Vis Regatta



Yacht Club Marina Kastela took part in the 71st Vis Regatta, which was held from 16 to 18 October. This year the organizers of the Regatta decided to separate – for the first time ever – the cruisers from the racers, which divided opinions and was met with disapproval from the participants of the Regatta. Out of the ten crews from Kastela, three were from the Yacht Club Marina Kastela (sailing-boats “Marina Kastela”, “Ola” and “Austria One”), while the remaining seven took part in the race in Bav-Adria sailing-boats.
The crew of “Marina Kastela” – driven by a light southeastern wind – expectedly emerged victorious in the first leg of the Regatta which was sailed on Friday, 16 October. They crossed the finishing line at 12:52:20, while “Austrija One” secured fifth place at 13:34:54.
The second and decisive leg of the 71st Vis Regatta was held on Sunday, 18 October. “Full Pelt”, a sail-boat from the Yacht Club Split, profited from a weak southeastern wind and secured first place at 13:01:55. “Marina Kastela” – which was skippered by Josko Berket – came in third at 13:11:20, while “Ola” came in ninth at 13:44:03.
“Full Pelt” was crowned as the OPEN class winner, while “Marina Kastela” prevailed in the ORC class due to the fact that the second leg of the Regatta had two parts and thus carried double the points of the first one, which “Marina Kastela” dominated.