The traditional “JABUKA“  Regatta began on Friday night, November 9th. It is the most demanding and the most exciting regatta with a length of 110 nautical miles on the Vodice– Komorica – Islet of Jabuka – Vodice route.

The regatta has been taking place each year since 2003 organized by the Tiat Sailing Club from Vodice. This year it broke the previous record in terms of participants with 116 boats from around 20 countries around the globe.

This year’s 16th Jabuka Regatta will be remembered as the slowest one so far due to the lack of wind.

After a rather long sailing on a calm sea, the Slovenian “Clean sport ONE“ crew on the VOR 60 type of a sailboat reached the finish line in the first place at 9:03 PM. Thirteen minutes later, the host’s crew and last year’s winner reached the finish line on the “Molo Longo Tuttatrieste“ maxi cruiser.

Our club “Marina Kaštela“ was represented by 3 sailboats;

  • “Croatia Full of Life OLA“ with its helmsman, Ivica Kostelić, a famous skier, finished the regatta at 10:13 PM with his crew by sailing to the sixth position. They wiped out the competition and finished in the first position in their group of sailboats up to 12 meters in length (group 8). It is interesting that Ivica Kostelić and his crew turned the Islet of Jabuka in the third position trailing only half an hour behind the leader. However, due to the lack of wind that was truly a ‘forte’ to his “Akilarija“, he managed to reach the finish line in the excellent sixth position.
  • “AUSTRIA ONE“ finished in the eleventh position in the overall standing because the wind also did not work in its favour.
  • The “ZORA“ Elan E5 sailboat with its helmsman, Bralić-Novak, finished the regatta in the 22nd position, that is, 8th in its group.


The announcement of the winner took place on Sunday, November 11th along with a banquet at the Hotel Olympia.