About Us


The construction of Marina Kaštela is carried out in two stages. The project started in 2002. The idea was to provide docking spaces for the  Bavadria fleet of sailing yachts.

In addition, Marina Kaštela proved a good opportunity to link and expands the activities of the already existing rowing and sailing clubs. They are now under the auspices of Marina Kaštela and continue to welcome new members every year.

Since then the marina has grown and now it has close to 400 docking spaces. Almost all of its main functions are completed, although some elements are still being built. Please check the facilities page to see what is already in place and what we will be offering you in the near future.
Marina Kastela and Bavadria Charter Agency are two separate companies owned by the same family.


The vision behind the construction of Marina Kaštela revolves around its establishment as a true nautical center, appealing to professional and amateur yachtsmen alike. Marina Kaštela serves in many different ways the entire Kaštela community – that is why we will continue to develop and expand our Corporate Social Responsibility Program.

The mission of Marina Kaštela is to transform the image of the city of Kaštela. The image so far has been that of an industrial neighborhood, but we would like to turn the city into a welcoming spot for international nautical tourism. Relying on the combination of Marina Kaštela’s geographical location, a convenient starting point for nautical tourism along the Dalmatian coast, and the rich cultural and historical heritage of the city of Kaštela, we welcome yachtsmen and tourists from around the world.


In order to provide the best possible services to its guests, the Marina relies on professional and motivated staff. For an organigramm of the company please click here.

Contact information:
We are looking forward to receiving your emails at: marina@marina-kastela.hr


We are always looking for qualified, motivated and customer service oriented people to support the work of the marina, especially during the summer.