Event organization

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Surrounded by mediaeval heritage and Mediterranean landscapes, Marina Kaštela is a nautical tourism harbour offering spectacular views, exquisite culinary experiences and a touch of glamour, which makes it the perfect backdrop for organising all kinds of events.

The marina’s 400 sea berths, Sailing Club, 2 culinary hotspots, a cafe, a 25-metre indoor pool and the complete accompanying infrastructure have been designed to meet all the needs of sailors and sea enthusiasts, while also providing a place fit for the presentation of your business ideas, products, and companies.

The marina’s unique ambiance, with a soothing view of boats  gently rocking in time with the fresh sea breeze, are sure to make your events unforgettable, and we will be happy to help you transform your ideas into experiences that will amaze the participants and be remembered for years to come.



Contact: ivonab@marina-kastela.hr