Corporate social responsibility

A newly built marina in the heart of Dalmatia, Marina Kaštela complies with all the applicable environmental laws and regulations. For this reason, Marina Kaštela is a modern construction that provides all the necessary services to ensure a pleasant, comfortable stay to its guests.
Besides being a tourist establishment and nautical port, Marina Kaštela plays an important role in the development of the City of Kaštela. We believe that our presence in Kaštela Bay means taking an active part in the life of the community of Kaštela Bay and we will continue to support its development.
By sponsoring sports clubs and granting scholarships to student athletes the management board of Marina Kaštela is actively engaged in the education and development of young people from Kaštela and surrounding areas.
As the marina further expands and develops, we continuously strive to contribute to the transformation of Kaštela into an attractive nautical tourism centre on the Dalmatian coast.